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From Geralda in Mozambique

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    Miss Illman recently received a letter from Geralda and World Vision.  Here are a few excerpts from the letters.

   "The Tchemulane community is very thankful for the gift of $445.75 US that you humbly and generously offered your sponsored child Geralda.  It was used to purchase 16 goats (10 are nanny goats and 6 are billy goats).  In the distribution, 6 children in need indeed who live in Geralda's community benefited of 1 male goat and 1 female goat each, except one child who received two female goats.  Geralda received 1 male goat and 3 female goats.  Yet we hope have satisfied your wish."

    "This gift will improve considerably Geralda's life, her family and for the all contemplated children as well as the community where she lives, and we believe that their school performance will improve, as these animals are for risen up and consequently they will multiply themselves to sustain their studies in the future."

   "Now I have to go and I cannot help hoping for successes and happiness and love and peace in your lifetime."






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